Church Services at 11:00 AM

Reopening of Johnsontown United Methodist Church

Worship will resume Sunday, June 28th at 11 AM

We will still be sending out our service through the media of Zoom. This is for those who do not feel comfortable attending.

Sunday Worship June 28, 2020

Posted by Debbie Lanier on Sunday, June 28, 2020

As you enter the Sanctuary please use hand sanitizer which will be provided.

Please wear a mask at all times.  We will check your temperature when you enter with a meter that does not touch you.  If you are sick, please refrain from attending.

When you enter, we ask that you do not shake hands but that you also social distance in the pews.  Families can sit together. But please do not sit in the pew behind someone, skip a pew.  

Attendance will be taken at each church. This is being done in case someone does get sick. We will know who to contact.

Holy Communion will be done with cups and bread already put together. The bread is on top then you open the cup. We will provide a trash basket.

When you dismiss from worship do not rush out but leave by pews and do not line up but let others out and distance as you leave.

Sanitize your hands upon leaving the Sanctuary.

I encourage each of you to bring your own Bible, so we are not reaching for the Pew Bibles.

Worship may not take as long as it has in the past.  

July 5th Sunday School

July 5th Worship Service

July 12, 2020

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