History – 4

June, 2003 and October 2003 – Spring and Fall Jubilees began under the leadership of Lucy Berrier.  June Jubilee is our time for games sponsored by the youth as well as hand-made beaded items, homemade ice cream, baked goods, crafts, a lemonade stand with our little Yo Yo’s, grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, homemade chicken pies, garden center, K-9 dog demonstrated by the Thomasville Police Department, and a gigantic yard sale.  We reach those that are un-churched by opening up our doors to the community and many of us are able to speak with those who do not know God and who do not have a place of worship.  Afterwards, on the same day all of our left over yard sale items are donated to the Salvation Army and once to the Crisis Ministry.  Over $5000 was brought in and given to the Church budget.  The October Jubilee has always consisted of Barbecue Dinner / Hotdog Dinner, Silent Auction, and Bake Sale.  One year enough donations came in from church members to feed approximately 50 people through the CCM (Cooperative Ministry Cooperation in Thomasville).  At both the June and October Jubilees, leaflets on JUMC offerings are provided to everyone attending.

Aug. 27, 2005 ������� Johnsontown UMC purchased (8) round tables and (4) oblong tables (all white in color).  There were a total of (4) 72” round and (4) 60” round and (4) 8’ long tables.  The cost was as follows:������ 60��� round – $98.00 each; 72” round – $131.64 each; and 8’ long – $69.86 each.  These tables were purchased at Sam’s Club in Greensboro, NC.  Jack Booze and Stephen Grogan along with Amy Berrier and Lucy Berrier picked these tables up from Sam’s Club and delivered to JUMC.  The monies for the purchase came from funds received at the June Jubilee 2005.

2005 –         “The Potter’s Cupboard” was established to give food to those who slip through the cracks of social service or whose food stamps run out before the months’ end.

2005 –         At each month’s end a “Joyful Noise” collection (pocket change) is received by the children of Johnsontown – the proceeds are designated for new playground equipment in order to provide a safer atmosphere for the children.

2005 –         Ten-year old Michelle Leguire donated her hair to “Locks of Love” as well as celebrating her birthday with truck-load presents of cat and dog food to support the animal shelter.

April, 2006 – Both planters in the front of the church sanctuary were totally redone in memory of Bobby Ronald Berrier by Lucy, Darin, and Amy Berrier.  The planters consisted of plants such as Nandinas, various species of Hostas, Dianthesus, Petunias, Geraniums, Canna Lilies (donated by Ron and Linda Ray), and other plants.  The planters are being taken care of by Lucy.

April, 2006 – A few minutes is spent each Sunday teaching the congregation sign language by Lucy Berrier.  This gives all who are present an opportunity to learn to communicate with the hearing impaired.

Spring 2006 – Church reached out to the law enforcement community.  We collected hundreds of stuffed animals to be given out by the police officers to children who have been abused or whose parents have been arrested.  We then held a special worship service in their honor and invited all who attended to a pot-luck meal following the service.

Summer 2006 ������������� Alan R. Everhart donated a new projector system to the Church.

2006 –         Shannon Moore and the Quartet (Sue Little, Mike Hege, Bill Edwards, Jenna Grogan) spend many evenings singing and performing for nursing home residents as well as those in assisted living facilities.  In doing this, the Church has established an outreach that is both vital to those attending and endearing to those serving.

2006 –    ��    Recently re-established an open assembly which meets before the Sunday School hour.  This enabled us to give special attention to any class that may need a substitute teacher or perhaps restructuring.

2006 –         The Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and the parsonage needed new heat pumps and within three months over $18,000 was raised in order to meet that need.

2006 –         The UMW provide Sunshine Baskets for those in the Church who are going through a rough time and the UMM take tools in hand and arrive at the homes of those who simply need help providing both a listening heart as well as a hand.

August 27, 2006 – Homecoming speaker was Rev. Larry Bumgarner.

Sept. 10, 2006 – JCC (Junior Cadets for Christ) Youth Sunday as well as Grandparents Day!   The Yo-Yo’s helped with the singing and being ushers, Dean Everhart played the piano during the offertory, and Michaela Everhart danced for the anthem.  The youth also collected money or fabric to make lap blankets to take to the rest home at Thanksgiving.

October, 2006 – The Pattie Chappell Circle sold cookbooks and they were a huge success!  Thanks to Jennie Brumley, Kellie Rabon, and Jean Hege for proofing all the information and submitting them to the publishing company.

October 12, 2006 – Charge Conference.  To date, we have two certified lay speakers – Ken Shaw and Linda Boyce Ray.  They have completed extensive training in how to speak and how to engage the scripture text.

Oct. 14, 2006 – October Jubilee!  Lucy Berrier – Chairperson.  Barbeque chicken dinner and Silent Auction.  There was also a raffle of a beautiful black rocker/glider that was donated by Earl and Pat Allen.  The actual drawing was held at the Gift to God on December 2nd, 2006.  A lot of our church members purchased extra BBQ chicken dinner tickets for a meal to be given to CCM (Cooperative Ministry) recipients.

Oct. 31, 2006 – Trunk-or-Treat as well as weiner roast.

March 2007 – Shannon Moore became our Laity Person of the Year

March 31, 2007 – Mission for this month – Church volunteered for the MS walk at the NC Zoo in Asheboro.  Rest stops were set up and snacks supplied to the walkers.�� The Church raised over $517.00 for the MS walk.  After purchasing items needed for the rest stops, a donation was made to the MS Society in the amount of $281.31.

April/May, 2007 – The Church is hooked up to the City Sewer System.  The initial sewer tap fee was $675.00 through the City of Thomasville.  We paid Rollins Plumbing $3375.00 to do the sewer work so that we could hook on to the city sewer and get a new tank installed.  We also paid JD Hill Electric $579.68 for the electrical work that was done to prepare for the sewer.  The Board and Trustees had originally anticipated paying much higher charges to get the sewer working.  However, it turned out to be much less than anticipated.  The total for the sewer installation was $4629.68 which includes the tap fee, the electric bill, and the plumbing bill.  Prior Jubilee funds assisted in paying these charges out of the building fund.

May, 2007 – Mission for the month “Thanks be to Cops”.  Stuffed animals were collected to be given to children by the officers and a pot-luck dinner was held after worship service.

May 19, 2007 – Spring Jubilee!  Consisted of Trash and Treasure, Garden Center, Breakfast, Grilled Hamburgers and Hotdogs, Games for the Youth, Bake Sale, Lemonade Stand.  All left over yard sale items were donated to the Salvation Army.

June 17, 2007 – Father’s Day.  A $100.00 donation was made to WNCC United Methodist Deaf Ministry in memory of Robert (Jack) Lee Whisenant.  He passed away on June 10, 2007, and is the father of Lucy Berrier.  Because of this support, they are able to be a place of resource, education for our churches and congregations, and most importantly continue to work toward making disciples for Jesus Christ within the Deaf Community.

July , 2007 – “To Those Who Care” – Amy Berrier was the recipient.  Kellie Rabon, nominator.  Amy was recognized on “WFMY News at 2” for her volunteer efforts in the community.  She worked for the National MS Society, the American Red Cross, The American Heart Association, Victory Junction Gang Camp, and the Ronald McDonald House of Durham, NC.  Amy feels that she would not have been able to accomplish her tasks and volunteer efforts without the financial, emotional, and spiritual support of JUMC.  The award helped reach a wide audience and share the need for missions.  We hope that the efforts made by Amy as well as all those in our congregation who volunteer and work on missions will better promote awareness of the needs not just in our own community but in the world.

August 26, 2007 – Homecoming.  Rev. Steve Johnson was the guest speaker.

September, 2007 ��� Trustees Committee approved work on a rock border around the Church sign in front of the Church.  Hopefully this work will be done soon.

September 22, 2007 – Fall Jubilee – Spaghetti Dinner.  Excess noodles, spaghetti sauce, salad and trimmings, bread, drinks, and desserts were given to the CCM (Cooperative Ministry) to feed the needy there.  There was one thing that was auctioned off – an autographed Carolina basketball for the year 2006-2007.

2007 –         Dianne Everhart donated an almost new brown piano (Kohler & Campbell) to JUMC in memory of Jack Everhart.

October, 2007 – Junior Cadets for Christ (JCC) tried their hand at raising pumpkins this year as a money-making project.  The pumpkins had to be harvested earlier this year due to the hot weather and drought.  They again made approximately 50 blankets (only larger blankets – not lap blankets) for the homeless shelter.

December, 2007 – A scholarship was established in memory of Patty Rae Chappell.  She was born on September 15, 1938.  Eight days later Colon Starrett was born.  The two were destined to be lifelong friends.  They lived in the same neighborhood, attended the same church and went to the same school.  Their families were also very close.������ “Patty Rae was the smartest child in the class,” Starrett remembered of their days together at Pilot School  “She was not only a brilliant girl, but she was also very pretty.  She was very dedicated to the church.���������  Unfortunately the lifelong friendship was cut short on October 9, 1952, when Chappell died a few days after undergoing surgery for a brain tumor.  But Starrett’s friendship with Vallie and Everette Tysinger, Chappell’s mother and stepfather, remained.  Not only did they stay in close contact, but Starrett was the Tysingers’ Sunday School teacher at Johnsontown United Methodist Church.  “Mr. Tysinger just loved Patty Rae so much,” Starrett said.  “Every time he heard her name, he would break out in tears.”�� The Tysingers had made plans to keep Chappell’s memory permanent.  They made  up a scholarship for her.  The Tysingers had no other children and grew to trust and respect Starrett enough to name him as executor of their estate.   He remembers them as “ordinary folks, who lived frugally.”  Vallie Chappell spent the last couple of years of her life in a nursing home, but upon her death on November 17, 2005, there was enough value in the estate to donate 20 percent of it to JUMC and use the interest of the other 80 percent to provide a $5,000 scholarship to a deserving female graduate of East Davidson High School in the class of 2008.  “This scholarship will be awarded every year to the selected graduate of East Davidson,” Starrett said.  “If interest rates grow, the size of the scholarship will grow also.” The recipient of the scholarship each year will be chosen by the pastor of Johnsontown United Methodist Church and the principal of East Davidson.  Currently, the pastor of Johnsontown is Rev. Jenna Grogan, and the principal of East Davidson is Cathi Smith.

March, 2008 – Sue Little became an official lay leader for our Church.

May, 2008 – Four windows on the outside back brick wall of the main church basement were bricked up due to several vandalisms occurring.  The brick was purchased from Pine Hall Brick Company at a cost of $327.10.  Materials were purchased through Bowers Lumber Company at a cost of $31.29.���� John Blackley, Jr., did the work.  His cost for labor was $573.00.  He also provided the mix and sand at a cost of $25.00.  Total cost for bricking up the four windows and putting three white crosses on three of the old windows was $956.39.

June, 2008 – Jenna Grogan was moved to another Church.  Quartet then became Bill Edwards, Sue Little, Lucy Berrier, and Mike Hege, with Shannon Moore playing the piano.

October 7, 2008 – Our Church parking lot is newly sealed by Seal Right Asphalt Maintenance, 2679 North NC Highway 150, Lexington, NC 27295 (336-787-3994) Wayne Love.  Cost was $2970.00.

November, 2010 ��� A new roof was put onto the Educational Building by Johnny Moore and his workers.  The shingles were donated by various Church members in honor/memory of a loved one.

February, 2011 – Remodelling of the kitchen in the Educational Building began with funds from the East Board Missions.  2 new refrigerators and 2 new stoves were purchased.  A dish washer was donated by Betty Nance.  The closet was taken out of the kitchen and new additional cabinets were added.  A stainless steel island (on rollers) was purchased for the kitchen. The remodeling is being done by Ken Shaw, Sr.  There will be another East Board Missions meeting – this time it will be held at JUMC in April, 2011.

August 28, 2011 – Pastor Eric Lineberry was our speaker for Homecoming.  The theme was “Coming Home”.  Over 105 people were present.  Special singing was provided by the Johnsontown Quartet – “Till the Storm Passes Over and A Sinner Saved by Grace”.

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