History – 3


1964 – (2) Brass offering plates were donated to the Church in memory of Carlyle Nance, Sr. They were polished on June 25, 2008, by Richard Sechrist (they look excellent).

September, 1976 – Wooden hanging rack was made by Charles Everhart and Lloyd Curry in memory of Johnny Heffner and in honor of Charles Everhart and Lloyd Curry. It is now hanging in the Educational Building hallway.

4/30/1977 – Wooden Oak Baptismal Font made by Charles Everhart was

given to JUMC

June, 1978 – Table linens were donated to JUMC by Don and Sue Little.

Also, A dehumidifier was purchased for $150.00 approximately

for the Church Parsonage basement.

November 29, 1981 – Under the leadership of Mrs. Betty Jean Beck,

Chrismons were dedicated. Much loving care was contributed to the making of these beautiful tree ornaments. Chrismon means “Monogram of Christ.”

1982 – Church Sanctuary was air conditioned.

January 1983 ��� Sanctuary, Northex, Cloak Room, Choir Area, Platform burgundy carpet installed. Cost $4913.53. Pew Seats and Pew Backs, Clergy Chairs, Communion Chairs, Piano Bench, Organ Bench – Seats and Back added for an additional $2583.36. Installed by Church Interiors in High Point, NC.

Oct. 1983 – Stained glass windows were installed in the Sanctuary and two

classrooms facing Johnsontown Road. Cost $5894.75. These

were donated by individuals and plaques were placed at the

bottom of each designating the givers.

1983 – The Daniels family donated a stained glass scene which was

placed and above the organ, piano in the choir loft in memory of

Mrs. Maxine Daniels.

1983 – Choir donated a mirror in ante-room in back in memory of

Mrs. Maxine Daniels.

Apr. 1984 – Aluminum siding was placed on existing outside wooden walls of sanctuary building at a cost $3,494.

August 28, 1994 – Homecoming with speaker Stan Styers, Director of Tom A. Finch YMCA.

Nov. 1984 – Mr. & Mrs. Carlyle Nance, Jr., donated a new cross for the top

of the bell tower in honor of their grandchildren, Jennifer Nance and Justin Underwood.

1985 – New light fixtures were installed in the Sanctuary. These were

donated by different individuals.

August 25, 1987 – Harry Brown Finch wrote wrote a thank you letter to Colon Starrett saying “Thank you for Church hospitality. The members were most friendly, choir compliment the organ, Dr. Nicholson message on ‘Importance of Love’ inspiring, and lunch most tasty. I am amazed at loyalty of members that travel so far. Bill Edwards is example from Joe Moore Road. There were many children for Steve’s sermonette. I desire to have a part in Organ Fund. Please tell one in charge that I will give $150.00 in present and 1988 calendar year. Checks will be sent to you – Colon Starrett. Please indicate funds are in memory Mr. Claude Smith. Gratefully yours, Harry.”

June, 1991 – Church Parsonage: Study was enlarged. Kitchen cabinets were white washed. Windows and storm doors were repaired at a cost of $150.00. Ceilings were sprayed. New counter tops were installed. Hall bathroom was re-wallpapered. Carpet and vinyl was discussed. Appliances will be painted. UMW purchased a dishwasher. Siding and guttering were done on parsonage at cost of $1840.00.

7/10/91 – The Great Amanda Team versus WMAGic Radio All-Stars Softball Game was held Wednesday at the Optimist Park in Thomasville, Due to continuing hospital visits and medicine required, all monies collected at this benefit will go to the Special Fund at NCNB to help with Amanda’s ongoing medical needs. The Great Amanda Team practiced Sunday, July 7 at 4:00 pm at the Optimist Park.

8/4/91 – The first annual summer hymn festival was held Sunday morning August 4 during the 11:00 a.m. service. A hymn festival is a unique service in which the congregation is the main participant. While it was less formal than our formal worship service, the hymn festival was still a worship service. The congregation selected five favorite hymns and they were put together around a theme of Johnsontown’s Ten Favorite Hymns. Some were from the Cokesbury as well as the new Methodist Hymn Book.

8/1991 – Rev. Bobby Beck was our guest speaker for Homecoming.

10/6/91 – Pew Bibles were purchased. Smaller Bibles with regular print were $7.95 each and larger Bibles with large print were $14.95 each.

10/12/91 – The Fall Bazaar with Margaret Starrett and Jennie Brumley raised $2328.16. On Tuesday before this bazaar, the Great Annual Chicken Pie Production Festival was held and we produced 99 chicken pies.

11/23/91 – AJ’s Dinner sponsored an Amanda Moore Benefit with a barbecue dinner on Saturday, day of the Christmas parade. The fund raiser beginning at 12 noon featured clogging groups, bake sale, gospel singing, door prizes, and an auction by Ed Hughes.

2/9/92 – Richard Hooker on behalf of the Administrative Board secured (2) sodium vapor lights for the Church parking lot. The cost will be $6.00 extra per month.

10/10/92 – Church Bazaar raised $2500.00. Co-Chairpersons were Jane Ridge, Patty Collins, and Patsy Collins.

October 1992 ��� Between the Young Friends Class, a special donation from Johnny and Shannon Moore, and the remainder of money from the Building Fund, a VCR and a TV was purchased for the Church. These items are on a cart which can be rolled from class to class. These items are available for use by the Sunday School classes, the Youth group, Men’s group, and Women’s group. These items will be very helpful in planning programs.

December 29, 1992 – Mrs. Donalene Boggs was honored for having taught Sunday School for over 57 years. She was presented a special certificate and an azalea during the Worship Service. This was such a small token of love and appreciation for the years of service Donalene has given.

December 29, 1992 – After many years of active Church School participation, it comes to a point where a Church School class must retire. Sunday, December 29, was the day for this class – the Golden Age Class. Beginning in January 1993, the members of this former class will be attending the Women’s or Men’s Sunday School class. We proudly salute the members of the Golden Age Class: Donalene Boggs, Vada Dennis, Sadie Starrett, Lloyd Curry, Elsie Curry, Sam Teleshuk, Dot Teleshuk, and Mae Myers.

December 6, 1992 – Administrative Board voted to donate 10% ($40.00 a month) to Trinity Methodist Church and that they apply the money to a Parsonage Fund as long as JUMC Parsonage is being rented.

January, 1993 – JUMC started paying Trinity Methodist Church $40.00 a month for rent on JUMC Parsonage. John and Kay Gottula lived in the Trinity Church Parsonage.

Sunday, January 12, 1993 – JUMC began holding the first Children’s Church program. The program began immediately following the children’s sermon during morning worship and continued through noon. All children were to remain in the sanctuary and participate in the morning worship until they were dismissed to the Educational Building at that time. It was for ages 3 and up. Programs, songs, games, and various activities were available to teach our children about our Lord, while at the same time, they were having fun learning. Children’s Church was held every other Sunday (beginning January 12) initially. Children’s Ministries Co-Ordinators were Marlene Nance, Patty Collins, and Cathy Everhart.

February 1993 – Richard Hooker purchased speakers, tape deck, equipment to connect to existing equipment and 3 microphones. Cost $883.06. A plague will be purchased stating this equipment was given in memory of Bobby Ronald Berrier.

March 1993 – United Methodist Men had a work day to fix drainage problems beside of the Educational Building.

10/16/93 – Church Bazaar raised $2529.51. During this bazaar, a $150 gift certificate from Food Lion and a beautiful quilt handmade by Donalene Boggs and Virginia Welch were given away. Co-Chairpersons were Jane Ridge, Patty Collins, and Patsy Collins.

10/24/93 – Church parking lot was paved which gave us 4 rows of parking. Funds came from the generous estate funds, memorials, and personal contributions.

Christmas, 1993 – Keith Hipp painted a picture of our Church as a Christmas present for his sister and brother-in-law, Marlene and Mike Nance. Color copies have been made of his work – each print is numbered and signed by the artist. Cost of this print is $25.00.

2/1/94 – J. Harley Cecil retired with 37-1/2 years in the ministry (29-1/2 years as Chaplain at Murdoch Center in Butner, 5 years as Pastor of Wesley Heights and St. Timothy’s United Methodist Churches in Lexington, and three years as Pastor of Trinity, Bethel, and Johnsontown United Methodist Churches in Thomasville.

8/28/94 – Church Homecoming was preached by Stan Styers, Executive Director of Thomasville YMCA. He is a member of Memorial United Methodist Church, former teacher and assistant principal at Thomasville Senior High School.

10/8/94 – Church Bazaar under the leadership of Patty Collins and Jane Ridge made $2800.00

October 1994 – A new roof was put on the Educational Building.

October 1994 – Funds were used from the Memorial Fund to purchase fold-up chairs for the Educational Building.

August 25, 1996 – Rev. Steve Johnson preached the Homecoming service at Johnsontown.

July 19, 1998 – After the deaths of Howard and Hazel Berrier Green, their daughters Susie and Patsy donated a beautiful black baby grand piano (Samick) and a black electronic piano (Roland Digital HP126) to JUMC in their memory.

Nov. 28, 1999 – Chrismons were dedicated again. The original Chrismons were patched very carefully and new Chrismons were made. A

plaque was dedicated to Rev. Bobby and Betty Jean Beck for the hard work they gave to the Chrismons. This plaque is located inside the Church Sanctuary. The Chrismon classes that were held February through May of this year consisted of Bobby Beck who cut the Styrofoam patterns, Betty Jean Beck, Ann Cranford, Brianna Everhart, Leigh Gore, Kristina Gore, Sue Little, Lucy Berrier, Joyce Berrier, Vallie Tysinger, and Sandy McFarlane, Grateful appreciation was also expressed to Richard Hooker and Shannon Sechrist Moore and to the choir for their participation in the program.

2003 – The Church started placing a mission table at the front of the Sanctuary and each month a new mission is placed before the congregation and items needed to help or monies to benefit are collected and placed on the table. By changing the mission each month new interest is continuously kindled and stewardship is reinforced.

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